Focusing on Nutrition, Strength Training, Gut Health and Accountability. In this program we will focus on Body Composition and allowing you to get leaner while maintaining and growing your muscle mass. My experience on and off the stage means that you have a coach who has the knowledge and skill to assist you in bringing your best package to stage.

What's Included



  • Comprehensive App to Access your Nutrition Plans

  • Personalised Nutrition Plan including Macro Breakdown - Updated as Required

  • Recipes for Success 

  • Detailed List of Foods to Eat and Avoid​



  • Personalised Training Programs - Updated as Required

  • Training Advice

Ultimate Comp Prep Package Upgrade
  • We register and pay your show registration fees

  • We book and pay for your hair and makeup

  • We book and pay for your tanning services

  • We supply all meals for the day of your show

  • Extra posing practice



  • Initial Skype or Face to Face Consultation

  • Weekly Face to Face or Skype Checkins

  • Unlimited Email / SMS Contact


Comp Prep Extras

  • Peak Weak Protocol and Daily Check-ins

  • Posing Advice​ and Posing Sessions

  • Competition Manual

  • Mindset Coaching and Guidance

  • Supplementation Advice and Discounts

  • Supplement Protocols

  • Gut health Protocols

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